Hire an illustrator: What kind of illustrations are you looking for?

Charis Felice In Wonderland

Hire an illustrator:

“What kind of illustrations are you looking for?”

Hiring an illustrator is just like getting a new tattoo: it is all about the collaboration! If you move away when the tattoo artist is drawing on your skin your both not happy. Collaboration is also about choosing the right artist for the kind of illustration you want. You can just ask the illustrator or artist for their portfolio (which contains their artwork) so you can see if their style fits your project.

Different kind of illustrations:

  • Editorial illustration: for magazines and websites.
  • Book illustration: e-book illustrations, children’s book illustrations.
  • Cover illustration: Book covers and e-book covers.
  • Tattoo design: Yes, you can hire an illustrator for your new tattoo design! 
  • Infographic: Informative but decorative illustration about the data you’ve collected for your project.
  • Product illustration: think about t-shirt designs and playing cards.
  • Game illustrations: are for board games and online games
  • Character illustrations: for instance for book illustrations and games
  • Educational illustration: School books and educational posters
  • Commercial posters and leafets: stand out of the crowd with an illustration poster so it becomes collectible.
  • Data visualization: You probably look for a graphic designer or graphic artist, not an illustrator.

This is just an example list: of course there are many more different kind of illustrations possible. Some illustrators are specifically focused on food illustration or botanical illustrations for example. 

Besides the kind of illustration, there are different styles of illustrations. Do you want everything in art-deco, graffity style, psychedelic, retro, you name it they are out there waiting to help you with your assignment! So be well prepared and organize your project before approaching an illustrator.

Illustration: Copyright Charis Felice All rights reserved